If you were unable to work due to illness or injury could you continue to maintain your lifestyle and meet your financial obligations?


Protect what you have worked so hard to achieve, and ensure that if you cannot work, you can maintain your lifestyle by receiving a regular monthly income up to age 65 or even for life!


We specialize in disability insurance for:


New graduates

• Medical and dental student incentive programs

• Foreign trained dentists and doctors


Owners of successful practices and businesses

• Office Overhead or Business Interruption Insurance


Features and Options Include:

• Significant lifetime discount for new graduates

• Own Occupation

• Regular Occupation

• Residual and Partial Benefits

• Cost of Living Increase

• Future Insurability Option

• Lifetime Benefit to age 100

• Health Care Profession Rider (HIV/HepB/HepC)

• Return of Premium







Disability Insurance